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What is an AC Capacitor?

An AC capacitor is a metallic cylinder-shaped battery responsible for providing power to the AC system’s motors. They come in 3 different types: start, run, and dual capacitors. Start capacitors generally store power and release it in short bursts to start the AC motor. Run capacitors are responsible for continuous power to the AC motor after it is started. Dual capacitors provide the functionality of both a run capacitor and a start capacitor. Our technicians may decide to replace a start and run capacitor with a dual capacitor for convenience and to save space. Capacitors are one of the most frequently replaced components; however, you should not replace them yourself as they are high-voltage devices and can cause serious injury or death. Consult us, licensed and experienced HVAC technicians if you are experiencing problem with your AC system.

ac run start dual capacitor

When do capacitors go bad?

Capacitors have some indicators when they go bad, if you notice any of the following symptoms give us a call.

  • The cooling cycle of your AC system takes time to begin or won’t start.

  • The AC system randomly shuts off on its own.

  • The AC system isn’t blowing cold air in your home when its running.

  • A smoke or burning smell is coming from the outside AC unit.

  • Your energy bills are abnormally high, a failed or malfunctioning capacitor can cause the system to work harder.

Contact EzE Air Solutions if you suspect you may have an issue with your HVAC system in Southwest Florida.

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