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EZE Air Solutions Inc is a full service and repair company. We perform repairs on all makes and models. Our goal is to always try to repair your existing equipment. We will run our diagnostics on your system and report our findings to you, as well as an estimated price of repair before we proceed. We never pressure our customers into performing work. Once you have all the information on the work needed and give us permission to proceed we will move forward. Below is short list of typical repairs that can be made to most systems.

AC Run / Start Capacitor

AC Capacitors

HVAC Circuit Board

Circuit Boards //
Electronic Control Boards

UV Dye Treatment

Leak Repairs

UV Bulbs

UV Bulbs

Float Switch

Float Switches

HVAC Fan Motor

AC Motors

Low Voltage Wiring

Low Voltage Wiring 

HVAC Blower Wheel

Blower Wheels

Condensate Drain Line

Condensate Drain Lines

Ruud Logo

Warranty Parts

Dryer Vent

Dryer Vents

HVAC Thermostat


HVAC Duct Work

Duct Work

HVAC Dicsconnect Box

Disconnect Boxes

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