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Improve your Air Quality

There are several ways you can improve your home's air quality. Today I would like to speak about Ultraviolet or UV bulbs. Ultraviolet bulbs have been used for many years now. They are used to improve air quality in both residential and in a commercial settings. However, today they have become more popular than ever. The primary benefit of UV bulbs is they can reduce germs, fungi, viruses, pathogens and other particles in your home. There are many brands available. Most come in single or double bulb set up's. They are usually installed directly into a homes air handler. The bulb remains on 24/7. Typically a bulb will last for one to two years , depending on the bulb selected . Another benefit of installing a UV bulb, is they can help improve your air flow and energy efficiency of your HVAC system. This can help your system last longer and be more efficient. They are affordable as well. If you consider all these benefits UV bulbs are well worth investment .

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