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Extend the life of your Air Conditioner

We can't stress enough the value of having routine maintenance performed on your air conditioning equipment regularly. That one simple investment will help extend the life of your equipment. There are numerous items that should be performed with a thorough routine maintenance. One of the most important is simply changing your air filters. If the filters get dirty it restricts the air flow to the equipment causing it to run harder. Along with chancing filters your technician will clean inside your condenser. Any grass debris, leaves, animal hair, dirt, or loose items should be removed. Your technician will then clean the inside of your unit with specially designed cleaners to get inside the coil area. He or she will clean your drain pan with soap, water and bleach . They will suction out your drain lines and clean them as well. They will then add some more bleach to inhibit algae growth from occurring in the future. The service technician will also check the units pressure readings, electrical components, parts, circuit boards and motor. This will help to catch future issue's before they become more serious. They will do a similar checking and cleaning of your air handler. Once the routine maintenance is complete the technician should report to you any issue's they may have found. In warmer climates, twice a year visits are recommended. So if you own an air conditioning unit we strongly recommend a routine maintenance to extend your equipment's life span.

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